A guide to non-toxic green cleaning products for those who are MCS and those who don't want to be
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This site is for those of us who want not only a clean environment but also a healthy one.

Remember when all we thought about was whether the cleaning products we used were good for the planet? Thanks to the thousands of chemically sensitive folks, we're now paying attention to how good our everyday household products are for our bodies, our immune systems, our children, our indoor environment. Want to know why commercial household cleaning products can be harmful? Read this.

Products featured on this site have

X No added fragrance
X No chlorine, phosphates    or fillers
X Nothing harmful to the
X A high-tolerance rating
   from the environmentally
   sensitive (MCS)

There are effective, safe products out there and it is our wish (and, we hope, yours) to support those companies that are trying to compete with the large petro-chemical industries by supplying us with safe alternatives.

Click on any product link to be directed to an outside site which sells that product. Purchasing products through this site helps support our efforts in education and promotion of a safe world for all. Thanks for your support!

If you haven't already, please read this information about the very real dangers of using commercial household cleaners. Then visit the links at the top or bottom of the page to see the alternatives we offer.

The WebGoddess has several sites that support MCS and environmental health
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